Saturday, August 13, 2011

Brown University Alpert Medical School

The PLME program is one of the most competitive BA/MD programs in the country. This program offers admission to both Brown University and Alpert Medical School. Unlike other programs, PLME does not restrict applications based on standardized test scores or state residency. It also does not require an interview. Admission to the program therefore relies heavily on the essays and extracurriculars of the applicant. Standardized testing scores still matter, but I don't believe they play as much an important as they do in other programs. According to the PLME website, the average SAT score is 2215, a competitive score normally but mediocre among medical programs. Therefore I deduce that students admitted must have done some extraordinary activities or written some heart-wrenching essays.

This program is very popular (and competitive) because there is no GPA or MCAT requirement to stay in the program. Brown Medical School also happens to be highly thought of.

Note: Lots of people get confused by PLME early decision vs PLME regular action. If you apply PLME early decision, you have to make a choice. Do you want to go to Brown regardless of whether or not you get into the PLME program? If you answer yes, then you could be accepted to Brown University but not to PLME. Or you could be accepted to both. Or you could be deferred, then accepted or denied in April. If you answer no, then you could be accepted. Or you could be deferred, then accepted or denied in April. Note that if you are accepted, it is a binding agreement and you cannot apply to other colleges. If you don't want to be in a binding agreement, apply regular action.

Admission Requirements:
  • Apply by November 1st for early decision or January 1st for regular action
  • Four years of English, three years of math, three years of foreign language, two years of laboratory science, two years of history, and at least one year of elective academic subjects
  • SAT or ACT with writing and two SAT subject tests
Also, PLME is now a binding program. This means that you cannot apply to other medical schools without losing your spot in Brown Medical School.


    1. Does that mean that if one is admitted into the PLME program, then he cannot switch to another medical school upon completing 4 years of undergrad, or that if he were to apply to the PLME program, he can't apply to another BA//MD program?

    2. Hello. If you are referring to the last sentence about PLME becoming a "binding program" it simply means that you cannot apply out and switch to another medical school, upon completion of undergraduate. While applying for this program, however, you are still allowed to apply to as many other BA/BS/MD programs as you wish. =)

    3. Hi Prestige Pursuit,

      I was just wondering, I am a rising junior in Rhode Island, and I would like to know how to strengthen myself to prepare for applications to the PLME.

      I have a 4.0 gpa

      Have not yet taken the SAT and what books should I buy for that?

      I have started a club in my school called Global Health, which brings volunteers to hospitals, nursing homes, donates money to the VA, creates charities and will be running a bike race for cancer.

      I am president of a club called students for Social justice which is devoted to using music to make money for people who cannot pay for health care in undeveloped countries.

      I am part of the youth council for Red Cross RI

      I am an all-state bassoonist.

      I swim and I am captain of the chess team.

      I play music in the nursing home.

      I volunteer in the hospital,nursing home, a river watch program, and various historical societies.

      I am working with a couple of doctors and biomedical engineers.

      I have taken college classes (for free) in URI, but have not yet taken any Ap classes (next year ap chem, ap english and ap us.

      I am also a member of Student council, Math team, and Academic Decathalon.

      To say the least, I do too many things, and I would like to know what I should do to cut back on some clubs (which ones to stop) and where to focus all of my energy.

      Also, if any of you have taken ap chemistry, could you tell me what is the best way to study or work in that class, because my teacher next year does not teach at all. (and what books to buy).

      1. Not sure where Prestige Pursuit went, so I'll fill in for him. Your ECs looks pretty good, but I would try to get some research experience also. The SAT varies from person to person. I would buy College Board's official guide which includes like 10 practice tests. Other prep books are also ok but their practice tests are not as accurate as the official ones. For AP Chemistry, I used Princeton Review's book and it helped me get a 5.

    4. I am planning to apply PLME Early Decision but do not want to be considered as an applicant to the College under its binding Early Decision program if I am not admitted into PLME. I heard if an admissions officers think I am not committed to Brown, it will hurt my chance to be accepted to PLME Early Decision. Brown would prefer not to accept students who are only interested in the med school program. Most likely, the PLME will defer or reject my application. Is that true?